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Are you a Local Realtor?

Do you think the Local Buyers will pay our Top Dollar Price?

The answer is NO!

Where do you think our Best Buyers will come from?

The answer is the Best Buyers come from the West (the Vancouver direction)

When Buyers have just Sold in Higher Marketplace Like Vancouver, Richmond, North Van, Burnaby .Coquitlam they will be the BEST ALL CASH BUYERS far beating out the LOCAL BUYERS.

How are you going to market to the Vancouver Buyers?

Local Realtor versus Vancouver Marketing:

A local seasoned Realtor is usually a good strength for local buyers.

However, local buyers will not pay the top dollar.

The best buyers will come from the Vancouver direction, and I cannot think of any local realtors that have marketing reach as our incredible Vancouver Market Reports do


At CoughlinTeam when we saw 2 Trillion Dollars come in from Hong Kong and then Mainland China we moved our company and marketing to Vancouver.


Yes, a Local Realtor has its advantages: In the past, I personally knew most of the school principals, members of city council and the police chief and I could give very good advice to buyers. Here a Local agent is valuable.

But the best buyers are Not Local: in fact over 55% of the buyer swill come from the Vancouver direction. When someone sells in higher priced market, they have the extra cash to buy when the move out to the valley.


Starting in the early 90’s saw Trillions of dollars come in from China come into Vancouver, In 2011, we moved our Company to Vancouver to market in the center of the money pit.

I’m personally have lived in Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission and am Currently building near the Maple Ridge-Mission boarder.

When we make your Informational Movie explaining the schools, shopping, the recreation, the security to give your all your local community values to the new buyer, we will look like your Local Realtor and some.

Our Job is to sell Your home a Dream Home to the new Vancouver Direction Buyer. We market to them with the Vancouver Market Reports:

Our and have garnered over 11.1 million views and about 1.6 million followers.

We made the Best Buyer’s Lead Generator in BC!

Every week we publish what Real Estate Markets are going up or going down!

Our Real Estate Market Reports updates show the 'Winners and Losers' throughout the Lower Mainland cities every week, every month, every year back to the year 2000.

Our 331 Real Estate Market Forecasts to date ( starting in 1983) have drawn in the greatest number of eyes among all the real estate entities.

Our and have garnered over 11.1 million views and about 1.6 million followers.

This is the Top Individual Listing Exposure in BC

Yes, we do market on social media platforms like Facebook too.

This is the top Listing exposure in BC





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