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How often do you take offers below List?
What is your Listing to Sales Ratio?

or What is your average Discount Rate?

Do you Price to Sell, or ask a Higher Price and do a Big Discount?

Today 84% of all sales have discounted their price by $85,000 dollars.

So that means of the 10% that of the listings that Sold most agents BOUGHT their Listing by telling the seller that their home will sell $85,000 higher than it
actually did. For the 90% that did not sell, those must have told their sellers that they could get MUCH MUCH higher than $85,000 over the realistic value just so they would get the listing. TSK TSK!

You the seller is the one that loses your time showing and not to get the sale!

Mind you a few agents will ask: What do you think you home is worth?

Then that Agent says “ Lets Give that price A Try”.

What they mean is in the next few months they will come back and tell you market has dropped and now you need to drop your price 10%.

When it does sell, I often claim that I could have gotten them more $$ if they would have listened and not be persuaded in to believing that they were going to get that dream price!

The Irony is that that agent actually got paid for poor advice and I did not L

Critical Skill: The more Sales Experience your Agent has, the more Negotiation Skills to get you the highest sale price.

A timid negotiator will cave on offer and easily have lose you $10,000's.  Don't let a less experienced Realtor Learn skills on your sale.


At CoughlinmTeam, we do a very extensive Market Analysis on your home that
produces very accurate results.

When we price your home, we need to be realistic and the First thing we do is put in Writing that we will “NEVER look at offers Below the List Price”!

So when an Agent tells us that they want to write an offer below list, I inform them that in our “Schedule A” a special Real Estate form, that the Seller has made a condition; NOT to see any Offers Below List. So usually, an hour later the same Agent calls be back with an offer at list price or higher.

To determine your price, we use our Own extremely Accurate Evaluator.

We interview many of your competition both active listing Agents, recently Sold Listing Agents and often the actual Buyers Agents for their Honest Evaluation of your home value.


Priced to Sell, Not Priced Too High only to get one horrible Low Price Offer!





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