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What is your experience with home inspections?

How often have your Sales collapsed because of an inspection problem?

How often have you had your clients do a Home Inspection before listing?

How often have you had to discount your sale price because of a home inspection problem?

How often do you attend the home inspection for your seller?

The reality is that a lot of Home Inspections Issues cause the collapse of an offer or at least a very heavy discount like pay for a new roof.

If all the inspection issues were identified before the offers came in, then there would not be an issue and discounts would not be in order.

Pre-emptive is the action needed, and Not be Reactive to a problem after the fact.

When an inspection is done 1st then issues can be corrected before the buyer even sees them.

Problems mean a Lower sale price.

Critical Skill: The more sales experience your agent has, the more skills to get you that firm sale.

Good relationships with skilled inspectors is a start, but nothing replaces learning from failures. Strong skills here will protect you from losing $10,000's. Don't pay for an Agent to learn these skills.



At CoughlinTeam we goal to put to the Shine and Polish on to get you that top dollar.

I remember a Used Car Dealer 35 years back that said that when they did a $175 car detail on a used vehicle that they sold the car for $750 higher price.

If someone sees one rotten facia board then expect a $20,000 lower sale price. 

We highly recommend the advanced inspection and deal with the issues
and then provide the refreshed Clean Inspection Report for any buyers.
Now they can be confident to pay TOP Dollar for home that is in pristine shape.


We are always on standby to instantly address and solve any problems and STOP the collapse of the offer because the buyer got scared.


I remember one offer that was about to collapse because their had been several storm backups on the street. The buyers gave up trying to find house insurance and were ready to collapse the offer.

We immediately stepped in and got a building inspector to confirm that our home was high and dry with ZERO risk of storm backup. Then we got on the phone many insurance agencies with our proof on No risk and found companies that would insure.


This was far beyond the normal Realtor's Call of Duty, but the CoughlinTeam will really fight to make your sale complete!





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