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How many Sales have you Double Ended?

Have you helped a Buyer buy your own Listing?

Listen, if an Agent both Lists and Sells your home they get DOUBLE the Commission.

Of course, this double wages is very very tempting!

Even if the Agent says I only represented the Seller and their buyer agreed to buy through them as an Unrepresented buyer, they still have a conflict.

A person can not serve two masters equally!

The right answer would be I have always referred all my buyers to another Agent!


Critical Ethics: This is an ethics value. To me, there is no choice!

Never be conflicted with obligations to three parties: you, the seller, wanting the highest sale price; the buyer, wanting the lowest sale price; and the Realtor, wanting double commissions!



At Coughlin Team we are dedicated for giving you are full undivided service as your Listing Agent and never to be conflicted with other obligations.



30 years ago, I did sell one of my listings to one of my buyers and then recognized the conflicts. It was our Real Estate lawyer Peter Watts at the time explained the Right way to fully represent a party..

For 30 years I have pushed the governing bodies to stop the agents from working with both the seller and the buyer at the same time.

To me it is an extreme conflict of interest to be paid double the commission to be BOTH the listing agent and the buyer's agent on the same house.


Today we have some very water down new rules that encourage more double ending whereby the buyer agrees that they have No representation.

Still any agent has to ask themselves are they trying to sell your home for the Highest dollar or the Lowest dollar to make their buyer happy.

Bottomline; my only job as a listing Agent is to get you the HIGHEST dollar and all my buyers for your property would be referred to other agents.





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