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What are your Fastest Sales?

This is a trick question because many will say they sold a home in the 1st day or two, then they left a lot of money on the table.

Many Realtors will point out the 1st offer is often the Best Offer. DON’T BELIEVE IT!

I think this is TERRIBLE service if they sell anyone's home in the first few days!

Their sellers just missed all the other 90% of the buyers.

Those extra buyers had NO Chance to pay them more money!

If it takes 9 days to reach 95% of the buyers then no one should sell in less time, unless they have had a fully marketed Open House first.

So a one-two day exposure is completely Opposite to our Auction Marketing designed to create Multiple offers pushing your price as high as we can.

Critical Skill: The more Sales Experience your Agent has, the more Negotiation Skills to get you the highest sale price.

A timid negotiator will cave on your first offer and easily have lose you tens of thousands of dollars. You want someone chase all the offers over a fully exposed Open House and fight for your every penny.


At CoughlinTeam we have studied our 12,000 buyers over the last 40 years.

It takes 9 days to get the 95% of the buyers.

By starting on a Monday with

Full Exposure on the MLS,

Our Vancouver Market Reports leads

Our Vancouver Real Estate Investors marketing

And our fancy Informational Movie exposure.

We then postpone all showings possible to group all the Buyers
to a weekend “Open House”.

We usually expect:

25 showings at the Open House

4-5 offers on the evening of the Open House and usually sell that night.

Often a few extra late offers/showings might delay our selling till the Monday/Tuesday

We average being sold in 9 days after listing date.

We average 8.7% over list because of the multiple Offers “Auction-Marketing”





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