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Do you have a Home Display/ Fixup Check List?

What is your Staging Experience?

What should I do to get our house ready for showings?

Often, agents may offer a little home display advice. Turn on the lights and open the blinds.

To my horror, other homes are shown with green slime on the patio rails, the cement sidewalks, with the fireplace off, and a recent case “LIME GREEN” bedrooms.

Critical Skill: Receiving or not receiving a "detailed home display checkup list/walk through" can make or break your sale. This is impossible to get good Home Display advice from an agent with limited buyer experiences. 


We at CoughlinTeam specialize in Home Display to present your home and help you put $10,000’s more in your pocket.

Here are some facts: In a new subdivision, when builders have multiple identical homes to sell, and one is set up as a “Show Home” with nice art, openly spaced furniture, fresh coffee, good music, and a friendly hostess, they can get a 15% higher sale price compared to the IDENTICAL empty home next door.

Staging for all emotional values in a movie-like setting with

the pastry smells from the oven,

fresh cookies on the counter,

nice music,

the hot tub bubbling with wine glasses at the side,

and birds at the bird feeder

This staging reaches the Buyer's emotions of ‘This is Our Dream Home.’

For example, in my first year in real estate, I sold one of the fanciest homes in Abbotsford by making sure the buyer’s younger children bought their swimsuits as we viewed the home. The kids swam in the pool while I showed the parent this executive home. When they finished and about to look at the next home the kids really did not want to leave, and actually closed the sale with some words like, ‘Mom, Dad, we are not getting out of the pool until you promise to buy this house!’ Music to my ears… thanks kids for closing the highest price sale in town!

I, Bill Coughlin, have dealt with over 12,000 buyers and 1,000+ home sales over 40 years in real estate. It is from these experiences that I have really learned the secrets of what displays get them excited to buy your home for top dollar and the negatives that will make them run away

I usually ask you, the seller, if you want an extra $50,000 from a ‘Home Display’ designed to create more emotional appeal?

If you say Yes I want the extra $50,000, then be prepared:

I will give you 10-20 things to do to make your home shine.
Pressure wash away all green slime:

Fresh Colorful Door Matt

Leave no visible paint blemishes

Dress the Flower Gardens at the front entrance

Hide the garbage cans

Repair flooring blemishes

Clean the fireplace glass

*Lets do hot dogs & marshmellows over the firepit

And a whole bunch more

Note in a falling market , you can not wait 3 months to do every one of these tune-up repairs or you may lose all your wins.





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