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What is your experience with Online Marketing?

Do they have a Dedicated Website to generate buyers?

Can you Directly Edit your Website?

Are you limited to the 740 characters, and the 40 photographs on the MLS System?

Many agents do not have $1,000’s to build or the $200 per month budget for a dedicated website but rely on a website template that just echo's their MLS Listings.

Bottomline: most all their buyers will come from the MLS system equally just like every other Realtor.

Critical Service: To dramatically increase the number of Buyers Eyes on your home is the BIG WIN!!
You will be losing 70% of all your Qualified Buyer's Eyes and their Offers without this Buyer Generator Service.



At CoughlinTeam we have developed the largest Personal Real Estate Marketing Website in the Lower Mainland. Ours has costed over 2 million dollars!


With our fancy website and knowledge of how to edit it gives us unlimited marketing words, photos, Narrated Movies, slide shows and supportive documents.


We produce many more buyer leads than the MLS system or any normal Realtor Website.

We also have built out a very strong search engine optimization. This means Google really likes us and points many many buyers to our listing pages.

One of our sister sites is the Evaluator. Here everyone, especially investors can compare the markets between one to another 20 Canadian and American Cities to see where the most profitable ones are..

The Evaluator is easily found under for any city.

Our websites including have had over 11.1 million views and a 1.6 million followers and I would guess there are very few Realtors with more than 1,000 views on their websites.

We made the Best Buyer’s Lead Generator in BC!

Every week we publish what Real Estate Markets are going up or going down!

Our Real Estate Market Reports updates show the 'Winners and Losers' throughout the Lower Mainland cities every week, every month, every year back to the year 2000.


Our 148 Real Estate Market Forecasts to date ( starting in 1983) have drawn in the greatest number of eyes among all the real estate entities.


Our and have garnered over 11.1 million views and about 1.6 million followers.

This is the Top Individual Listing Exposure in BC

Yes, we do market on social media platforms like Facebook too.





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