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Is this the right good time to Buy or Sell?

Should I wait a few months for the market to go up before selling?

Do they actually have market trends knowledge?

Many Realtors will say, 'I don't have a crystal ball,
but it's always the right time to buy and sell!’


Critical Skill: To understand market trends is so important to make educated decisions! In a changing market, you could lose $50,000 in a few months by selling or buying too late or too early.



We at the CoughlinTeam possess a deep understanding of the Market Trends

and the ability to forecast the next quarter.

This ability enables our clients to make informed decisions.

For example,

In Rising Market; Buy Early with a subject sale if possible or LONG 5 month completion and sell later in the Higher market gaining you $10,000’s more.


In Falling Market; Sell NOW before the market drops anymore. Make sure you get a big 10% deposit and a long ?6 month completion. Now wait till the market bottoms and then buy!

Of the 625 Realtors that I have mentored and taught how to understand market trends …. Its only a few that put the efforts in to be an expert to best advise their clients.


History: I love stats and Analyzing Sales Data!

I, Bill Coughlin, designed the 1st Home Price Index (HPI) (Average Home Value as it changes each month) in 1982.

I convinced the Real Estate Board to allocate a budget of $65,000 to make my HPI accessible to everyone. The board promised to refine the HPI by separating the most expensive homes from the cheapest ones in 1983, but unfortunately, they never had the budget, and that promise was never fulfilled.

In 2011, out of my frustration with the inaccuracies of the MLS Home Price Index, I reconstructed the HPI to be dramatically more accurate by using paired sales. I compared each home to its previous sale price and reviewed all home sales in the Lower Mainland since the year 2000.

With over 4,000 hours of research and this dramatically more accurate HPI

Now I can help everyone understand market trends and forecasts. I've also mentored over 625 Realtors, teaching them how to understand market trends and best advise their clients.


Please visit Our for the Bible of Real Estate Market Trends; To date we have had 11.1 million views and 1.6 million followers so far.





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