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Tell me about your Social Media Marketing? 

How will you generate more qualified buyers than the MLS? 

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) system generate buyers
         equally for all listings.

The real question is;

              Do you have a Strong Buyer Lead Generator?

So, they are on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat.

The Proof is in the Pudding:

      Can you think of ONE direct buyer who bought from your social-media marketed listing?

Seller, out of all your friends (potential buyers), how many of them would look to buy a home on these Social Media platforms?

                The answer is: Buyers will find 95+% of the listings on the MLS websites.

Bottom line: A strong social media presence, billboard ads, bus bench ads, and newspaper ads are geared towards getting listings, not buyers.

Critical Service: To increase the number of Buyers Eyes on your Home Movie and details is the BIG WIN!!
You will be losing 70% of all your Qualified Buyer's Eyes and their Offers without generating more buyers.


The CoughlinTeam knows that more Eyes on your Listing and Movie, makes more Showings
and those extra buyers gets us More Offers on Your Home.

   These extra buyers will INCREASE your Sale Price! 

100 Extra Buyers means you have 100xs better chance of finding that Perfect Buyer that will appreciate all your home features and pay you $100,000's more.

We made the Best Buyer’s Lead Generator in BC!

Weekly we publish what Real Estate Markets are going up or going down at

Our Real Estate Market Reports updates show the 'Winners and Losers' throughout the Lower Mainland cities every week, every month, every year back to the year 2000.

Our 148 Real Estate Market Forecasts to date ( starting in 1983) have drawn in the greatest number of eyes among all the real estate entities.

Our and have garnered over 11.1 million views and about 1.6 million followers.





This is the Top Individual Listing Exposure in BC

Yes, we do market on social media platforms like Facebook too. 





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