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Do they Qualify Every Buyer before a showing?

Do you Qualify the Buyers by calling the Buyer’s Agent?
(that represent 85% of all of your Buyers)

Do the buyers have the money ready?

Do they need the home features that we have?

This means asking the Buyer’s Agent questions like:

Do your clients have children and what ages?

What schools do they want?

Do your clients have a dog and go for long walks?

Do the clients need: how many bedrooms, a suite, or extra parking?

This qualifying makes effective showings and avoids wasting sellers’ time on looky-loos.

Some buyers don’t even come to the scheduled showing because your home is missing a bedroom, a suite/potential suite, or needed parking. This showing could have been eliminated if the Listing Agent and Buyers Agent did their jobs and reviewed the buyer’s needs first.  The common showing confirmation in the industry of:  Show at 2pm, key is on back door and bring me an offer!, is NOT Marketing your home values!

Lets say on average we will get an offer from 4 qualified showings.

Most sellers get exhausted from unqualified showings that they cancel their listing after 41 days on average.

Qualifying the buyer is an opportunity to share your home’s extra features directly with the buyer’s agent. For example, by telling the buyer’s agent about the beautiful fish pond way in the back of the property and pressing the agent to promise to show it would make a dramatic difference in the buyer’s perceived value of your home. Many times I have seen the buyer resist putting their shoes on to walk into the backyard paradise and are happy to view it from the kitchen window. Here they are lucky to see 10% of the value.

In one nature-oriented one-acre lot development, “Sunrise Park,” most of the owners were never shown the 13-acre park that they purchased with their house. This amazing park had ponds, waterfalls, log bridges, and a 1-kilometer walking trail through a pristine forest, yet none of those buyers even knew it was there and it was included in their purchase. Bottom line, they did not pay for the extra value of their own private park, and the seller did not receive that extra value in their sale price.

Critical Service: Without this Qualifying and selling your features to match the Buyers needs you will be showing to Looky-Loo's.  Expect a lower Sale Price if the Buyers missed many of your home features.


We at CoughlinTeam do it different:

            No buyer steps inside your listed home until we qualify them!

Have they watched your informational movie?

Do they have the money?

Are they ready to move?

Do they require our home features?

Do they know that we expect multiple offers and that they need to be prepared to pay more than the list price?


This qualification process guarantees much more effective showings and prevents the seller's time wasted from on looky-loos who lack the financial means or a realistic budget.

Of the 20,136 agents in the Lower Mainland at this point, I am unaware of any who pre-qualify all their buyers to this extent.

Little story: An agent called to show one of our listings:

Now our Sellers had multiple big white Samoyed dogs

and needed 3 hours to clean and present the home.


I asked the Buyers Agent if the Buyers had the Money?

She said well no they have a farm to sell in Saskatchewan.

I asked if it was close to being sold? She said they tried to sell in the last 2 years but, it presently is off the market but they want to find something to buy 1st before putting it back on the market.

I politely said some excuse for NOT WASTING my clients time with an UNQUALIFIED buyer.

I wanted to say “ DON’T EVER WAST MY TIME AGAIN!
I probably put “Mark” on her name in my contacts!





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