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 East Vancouver    Jan- March 2011   Current Reports

The Chinese Investors are coming, ~7% price jump in 6 weeks!
Feb 28 2011 w8c

The East Vancouver residential market has jumped ~7% price increase , near a $34,000 for the average home* in just 6 short weeks with no end in sight.

Listen to the " Entrepreneur of the Week's" Bob Cooke,  ReMax ProgroupLadner, Richmond area does an interview on  "The Chinese Buying Frenzy"  as to how this price surge could affect your home value and how you can make informed decisions. Live podcast: click here 


April 6 2011 w8c

Welcome to the lower mainland real estate market analysis reports designed to give you  market updates as they happen and market forecasts for your area. Since about 30% of the buyers in the Fraser Valley will come from the west, it is important to understand the market activity in those areas. eg: strong activities in Richmond will have some trickle down effect into the east: Fraser Valley.

We study 13 Vancouver and the Fraser Valley markets to determine the local supply and demand data and help make informed market predictions for the following quarter. Many of the areas are identified by geography, municipality, commuter access and/or culture.  Pick a city in the index above to read it's market reports! 

  Abbotsford,  Mission  Chilliwack, LangleySurrey White Rock,    East vrs West  
  East VanNorth Van, Burnaby
CoquitlamMaple Ridge

Feb 9, 2011 m7s                                                        Home Price Index HPI




 The Chinese Investors Are Coming; 20%-33% price jump in 6 weeks!

March 2 2011 w8c

Research shows that the Richmond Residential Market has jumped 20%, an all time price increase, nearly $158,000 for the average home in just 6 short weeks with no end in sight.  (daily increases could make it closer to 30% today)

Listen to the " Entrepreneur of the Week's" podcast with the experts as to how this price surge could affect your home value and how you can make informed decisions. Click for podcast

The Chinese Investors are buying from helicopter viewings!

The recent study on the influx of mainland Chinese investors into Richmond and the coastal communities shows a dramatic increase in prices, 20%-33% in just six weeks. But the question for many is will that new money come to their community or will it be focused in a narrow ocean front corridor. click to read Full Report

East vrs West, why is one going up and one going down?

Does the new Chinese investment money trickle or rush into other communities to the East or to the North? The overview study looks at two areas

#1 The Chinese Corridor extending from Richmond to White Rock including to Tsawwassen, Ladner and a little bit north into the Vancouver Kitsilano area.

#2 The area east of it, namely of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board: Surrey to Chilliwack. Here we see the first area has a 30% monthly listing sell-through and the area east of it is currently at a 9% monthly sell-through   to read more here

Abbotsford ..East and West very different markets.

Nowhere have we seen such a major home price difference as we do in East and West Abbotsford. This study shows that East Abbotsford had a substantial reduction of price of nearly $100,000 during 2008 and at the same time West Abbotsford barely adjusted. Today both these communities are selling for ~$85,000 difference yet they are located only 10 minutes apart. to read more here

Advanced Market Reports: %%FIRSTNAME to access the current Supply-and-Demand and the next "30 Day Market Projections" reports for your home: Click Here .Abbotsford,  Mission  Chilliwack, LangleySurrey White Rock,    East vrs West  
  East VanNorth Van, Burnaby
CoquitlamMaple Ridge

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