Sunshine!  Sunday's Slug Races at Minter Gardens are only 3 days away on April 17th!

%%FIRSTNAME the 1st International Slug Races needs your help. We have no slugs!

My Lord, no slugs? Are you kidding??

Yes %%FIRSTNAME we have a serious problem here as most slugs are still sleeping. 

If you know of any young girls that would like to compete for the title of the Slug Queen or the Slug Princess, let us know. They could then be very busy attending major events throughout the province as the Ambassador for the International Slug Races.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  the Big Event is on Sunday April 17th NOT the Saturday!!

The Minter Garden Tulip Show .. the 2nd act! 

No of course it is not just about the slug races. The flowers are coming out and it is gonna be one amazing Flower Show! Brain Minter has invested some 40 years to dazzle you with color and more color. Click here to watch the slide show. We will have live music and a photo contest  to entertain you.

Bring your camera and send us your pictures to win prizes for the best photos.

We are still working towards having the hot air balloon there giving rides.

Real Estate Market Projections!! 

%%FIRSTNAME  It has taken 20 some years but I have developed a forecasting system (MTI) Market Trend Indicator to predict if the real estate market is going up or down over the next several months. I have being doing market projections for 20+ years but today computers and extra data really make my analysis a lot more accurate.  It is amazing to be able to project whether your house value will go up or down $5,000 or $20,000 in the next few months.

Yes the media can always put a positive spin on the current real estate market conditions but the facts are …. We just experienced the worst spring market that I can remember. With a near all time low over the last 6  months between 7% and 13% of the homes sold each month, that means for every 100 homes for sale about 90 sellers and their agents ended up very very disappointed and their home lost $5-10,000's as they chased the market down.

Homes from Mission to Chilliwack area went down $26,000 on average and yet Richmond went up near $300,000. For exact details follow the city updates below. We have all been waiting for the tsunami of Chinese buyers to come out to the Valley. Currently this buyer activity has now reached Coquiltam but has yet to cross the bridges into the Fraser Valley.  The next several months do not look good and we project another $5,000 drop in most areas in the central or upper Fraser Valley but things could change quickly.. Call me for a current update.  604-217-3992

How you can benefit from forward market projections? Today's moving strategy would be to sell first with a LONG completion date and buy later .... this forward planning could earn you $10,000+ or more depending on where and what you are buying or selling. Call me for the complete forecast and your customized strategy. %%FIRSTNAME to see what your house value is worth today.
Click here 

The Lower Mainland Real Estate Market Reports
Index  Abbotsford,  Mission  Chilliwack, LangleySurrey White Rock,    East vrs West  
Richmond,  East VanNorth Van, Burnaby CoquitlamMaple Ridge


The Chinese Investors are Coming, 20%-33% price jump in 6 weeks!

March 2 2011 w8c

Research shows that the Richmond Residential Market has jumped 20%, an all time price increase, nearly $158,000 for the average home in just 6 short weeks with no end in sight. Full details Click for details    ( daily increases could make it closer to 30% today)

Listen to the " Entrepreneur of the Week" podcasts with the experts as to how this price surge could affect your home value and how you can make informed decisions. Click for more details

Market Update for Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack Feb  5 2011 w8c

%%FIRSTNAME I just love analyzing the market conditions to help protect peoples' home investment and to help them make informed decisions. For example in East vs West Abbotsford you will see perhaps how these areas are affected quite differently. From July of 2009 to January 1, 2010, Townline Road in the West Abbotsford area has gone up $45,000 and yet Mountain Village in East Abbotsford has gone down $7,000. 

Right now Mountain Village is incredible value, with prices at $85,000 cheaper that East Abbotsford for the same 2,300 sq ft  house, or $115,000 cheaper for a 3,100 sq ft house.  In fact Mountain Village is the same or less expensive than Mission right now but that is another story. Click for more details

So,  if you need some help planning ahead, buying or selling real estate just call me and let's have coffee.

Minter Gardens Tulip show and "Slug Races"

Yes %%FIRSTNAME on April 17 you are invited to a "Must-Do-Bucket-List" event; Minter Garden's most popular week the Tulip show and Bill's Slug Races  Free Tickets                                              details

Bill shares his secrets on how to make money in this R.E. market.

A moving Market either Up or Down creates great opportunities to gain extra equity.

How did Bill manage to sell his home at the exact top of the market.. what was his secret?

Hindsight is always 20/20, but now with my secret Market Trend Indicator  MTI, you can better understand the market projections and  earn money in both Up and Down Markets!   details

Get paid for your neighborhood, not just your home

Neighborhood profile movies can really increase your selling price and they are a new service to help you, the buyers and all Realtors.   

Hear how many purchasers have out of town agents and don't know the neighborhood and how you can get a higher sale price.          

%%FIRSTNAME let's do Coffee! details
Bill Coughlin

"Realtor and Lifestyle Consultant"

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Bill Coughlin
"Realtor and Lifestyle Consultant"

1-888-539-4664 Toll free
   604-217-3992 cell          



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