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  How many of your listings have a movie?
  Buyers Love Movies!

What is your Videography Marketing Strategy?

Can you show me some examples?

  37% of all MLS Listings do have a video/movie,
   but they are usually a very inexpensive Slide-Drone show;
          basically a Silent Movie with background music.

So, how many viewers do you attract on your videos? 10-50?

Can you show me any of your narrated videos?

Do any of your viewers watch the entire movie?

What are they selling in their movies: your home/neighborhood features or just photos and a personal commercial for their brand?

Bottom-line, do their movies just look like a personal commercial or are they packed with details?

Critical Service: A professionally Narrated Informational Movie showing your home and neighbourhood features can be the Main Buyer Generator! You will be losing 70% of all your buyers.

                                                                      Watch Our Informational Movies Here 

At, we are in the Movie Business, selling your Dream Home and all it's Features.

Our movies are narrated, highlighting all the reasons 'Why We Love Living Here.’


Many of our movies receive over 2,000 views, while the MLS listing service might only get 100 views. Click here for our last Listing or any listing and Look at the incredible number of views at the bottom‘
“Number of visits on this page: 3,125. Number of visits on this site: 11,152,476”

Our informational movies are a huge improvement from the typical slide-drone show, by offering a wealth of your home details.

Some of our out-of-town/country buyers, after watching our informational movies, have even made high-dollar offers or purchases solely based on watching the movie 5 – 10 times. Listen to what I am saying; they bought the home without physically viewing the house. Our informational movie sold them!

On longer videos, we incorporate interactive buttons that enable buyers to quickly navigate to the key features of your home. This approach is significantly more effective marketing because it allows the buyer to fall in love with all the features of your home, the neighborhood, and community amenities. 



Number of visits on this page: 219. Number of visits on this site: 12,415,288.