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  ....our Goal is to help Brokers and Agents have conclusive data to demonstration your current LOCAL market leadership and performance to assist you have more accurate knowledge of the local market conditions and to get and out sell the listing over the competition.

Much of this information you probably currently pay staff to compile we hope to help you save some costs and increase the accuracy.

  1. When selling a home in RE/MAX is your best choice because of the following reasons:
    1. Chances are that a RE/MAX Agent will sell your home over the competition:
      1. (Here the RE/MAX Total sales including "Out of Area" RE/MAX agents are counted
    2. Listing with a local RE/MAXER gives you a higher chance of selling;
      1. eg; your LOCAL RE/MAX agents produce $$$$/ agent and the other guys produce less
        (Local City area only).
    3. Note:( here I remove the out of town RE/MAX agent production for these calculations) eg: Focusing on what is the Local RE/MAX agent is producing in the Local Area rather than the office total. I do not calculate in the out of town agents local volume, but divide the local agents volume by the number of local agents to give you the highest volume per agent . If I factor in the 30% out of town agents volume that sell 1 house here and there then the RE/MAX volume counting all those agents would dramatically drop the volume/ agent. So I focus on the local volume per local agent when ever practical ..
      1. Note: the listings and sales by non local agents in Chilliwack about 26% and in the Burnaby area it is nearly 75%.
        I think it is important to stress local office performance as a stronger value than an out of town agent's services.. eg:LOCAL offices are more involved in the community, know the neighborhoods, have office tours and have a strong local agent support base.


 Bill Coughlin

RE/MAX Little Oak Realty
Abbotsford, Mission, Langley, Surrey, Chilliwack



June 2013 We have now added in a major new statistics to really help you get the RE/MAX success story across and list more homes.

  1. Home Price Index HPIp ( paired) for the Top 50% and Lower 50% of the market 
    finally you can answer the #1 Real Estate Question with accuracy  ..Did the Market go up or down in the last few months?...... this home price index is dramatically more accurate than all other previous home price indexes because it now splits the high sales from the low end , removes all the foreclosures, grow ops, and new homes (with or without GST in the sale price) and is based on EXACT comparisons between the same home sold today to it's previously sold value  read details)
  2. You get more money when you sell with RE/MAX (Yes RE/MAX has the smallest discount from List price to Sale price of most all companies) Some companies really BUY their listings and then have huge discounts when they finally sell.
    Bottom line we usually have market share, office tours and have more exposure, resulting in a higher and faster sales price and now those facts are in print for your agents to use as listing tools. In fast markets the less informed offices can Under list and result in average prices well over list price.. So I will continue to adjust this report to demonstrate the extra professionalism of the RE/MAX agent.
  , your Personalized RE/MAX Reports are available for you today .. do call 1-778-374-3744
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